Dead Winter Carpenters



Portland Metronome puts the Dead Winter Carpenters “at the forefront of a youthful generation trying to redefine what string music is and what it can do.”  That progressive nature shines through in the band’s latest album, Washoe (released February 26, 2016). A 12-song collection of original songs by Dead Winter Carpenter members, Washoe’s diverse track list pays tribute to diverse musical influences including classic rock, bluegrass, alt-country, and rockabilly. Highlight tracks include “Midnight Ghost,” “Love Amongst Thieves,” and “Winning Hand,” and the angst-tinged duet, “If I Wrote You A Song.”



DWC’s Dirt Nap EP was released in 2014 and features 5 original tracks recorded at Heavenly Tracks studio in South Lake Tahoe. The EP caught the attention of several media outlets to include CMT Edge, No Depression, and The San Francisco Chronicle.







DWC’s second full length LP “ain’t it strange” was released in 2012.  This album features 10 original tracks all recorded at Prairie Sun studios in Northern California. Themes of life on the road, growing into your own, and finding your place in this world are laced throughout the album, reflecting the band’s touring life.







Featuring 12 original tracks, Dead Winter Carpenters’ self-titled debut album represents everything the American west stands for. The album intermingles multiple influences and genres stemming from Americana, Bluegrass, Alt-Country, Roots, folk, and even a tinge of ragtime.  “D.W.C” was released in 2010.